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Why you Should use Pinterest for your Business!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I'm sure you noticed that Pinterest isn't just a platform for you to search for recipes or get decoration inspiration for your home. Pinterest can be used to generate traffic to your website and also generate a profit for your business!

If your are following me on Instagram you would know that I love Instagram and it probably is my number one social media platform, but it sure is not the platform that generates me the most leads!

Pinterest can drive load of users to your website and in that way, your services will get seen by your ideal client.

I'm here to change your mind about Pinterest for your business, I want you to reconsider using Pinterest to generate profit for your business!

Let's face it some of us don't have time to learn a new platform, or you are scared you will use it wrong and waste your valuable time or you think your ideal client is not having out on Pinterest, these are the main reasons so many entrepreneurs are overlooking the value of Pinterest Marketing for their businesses.

Let's talk about how Pinterest work first!

I like to see Pinterest is a search engine. When you hop onto the Pinterest app on your phone the first thing you do is you search for something, for example, abc recipe, Tips to abc or decor ideas for abc, that is mostly what I used my Pinterest for before I started using it for my business.

If you are using it as a search engine your ideal client is probably also using it for that purpose, that is why it is so important to add Keywords in your descriptions and title of each Pin! This will ensure that the person searching will get to see your content first most likely.

It is important to remember that it is not about the "monthly unique viewers" or total followers it is about creating relevant and curated pins to drive traffic to your website/Instagram/Facebook wherever you choose.

Always create your Pins with a strategy behind it!

Let me know if you need help with Pinterest strategy for your business, book a free call here and let's start pinning!

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